Ascent Décor Pvt Ltd is amongst the leading home furnishing fabric manufacturers in India. Founded in 2013, it has become a single source of fabrics that can cater to all ranges from high end niche products, mid segment products, as well as value line / low cost economical range for both domestic and international market. This became possible in 2019, when our directors decided to merge three different entities under the umbrella of Ascent Decor, as part of a strong vision for the future. This was to consolidate the strengths, synergies, competencies, capacities & capabilities, customer base and product range all into one which in return also optimizes the cost
Ascent Decor is an amalgamation of four powerful brands across the spectrum of furnishing fabrics. Among the four the first one is Ethnic Silks which was established in 1994. It caters to high end export segment, while Revolucion is about mid segment woven fabrics, followed by a modern “stock and sell” star brand Rumors which created a niche based on creativity at a reasonable price. The latest addition to the Ascent Decor Umbrella is a young brand “Fabric Engine” which is focussed towards the mid and lower end of the furnishing fabric market. This acquisition spreads the customer base and reach of Ascent Décor further into volume sales catering to the masses.
25+ years
4 Brands
One Mission
Create beautiful fabrics that inspire and empower people across the globe, to create aesthetical interior spaces that invoke delightful experiences
Our Leadership
Ascent Decor is lead by the four directors who have been working in a powerful syngergy since 7 years. Mr Gaurav Sureka, Mr Seetharama Shastry, Mr. Syed Farook, & Mr. Syed Mukarram are all hands on in the business and have experience back up of over 2 decades each in the home furnishing textile line. They possess hands-on experience in all the areas of business including Designing, Sales & Marketing, Technical, Productions, Finance, Operational management, hence assuring a strong foundation for the company.
With a progressive vision for the company they have lead the company to be a reckoning force in the industry in a remarkably short period of time.
With a progressive vision for the company they have lead the company to be a reckoning force in the industry in a remarkably short period of time.
Company has seen growth of over 25 to 30% year on year from the inception and have targets to achieve over 250 to 300 CR of top line over the next 5 years of time line. In the process company is also working on acquisitions and diversifications in the same scope of business.
Sound Management, strong financial conditions, healthy Ebidta ( as per the industrial Standards ) are some key features of the company which has never been compromised on.
Seven years of working with dedication has paved the success of the company and have laid a perfect launch pad for the directors of Ascent Decor to plan and now take it to the next level of growth charts and be ready for a launch pad for targeting the key competitors in same domain at International markets.
Our capabilities

our usp

We are unique because of our
Design & Creativity
We have a strong inhouse “Design Studio” with an impeccable design sensibility for the trendy and timeless creations. Empowered by marketing, creativity has been the base line of success for the company. This has turned us as one of the most seeked company as a supplier in this segment world over.
We are known for our
Quality & Service
We are strongly process and quality oriented. Strict Quality Controls and striving for exceptional customer satisfaction has made our presence respected in the industry. With a compliance friendliness, a healthy HR and strong accounts management we have made the systems of the company extremely productive over the years of working.
We have a global reach due to our
Wide Customer Base
Our wide customer base is truly a big strength offering solidity to the organization. Our customer base includes the top of the line brands in home furnishing across the globe. We cater to brands across UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle Eastern counties and numerous South Asian countries.
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